At Morris Canal CDC, we value community health and health education. We invite the residents and kids within the local community to learn and plant fresh produce in the local garden. Through this garden, we are carving out a place that encourages us to think about what we eat so we can pass healthy eating habits to the next generation.

Garden Statement & Mission – It is our goal to provide a Community Garden where any person in the Morris Canal/Lafayette Community can come for Knowledge, Friendship, Therapeutic Relaxation and chemical-free grown fruits, vegetable, and flowers.

In our every action, we will consider the impact of our decisions on the generations to come. The MC LCLG exists to create and nurture community-run organic gardens. We are deeply committed to community pride and unity, teaching organic methods and preservation of open spaces.  We encourage sustainable living techniques and recycling, honoring diverse abilities, ages, and cultures.

Gardening is one of those perfect activities that feed the mind, body and soul because it allows us to become partners with nature as we coax beauty and nourishment out of the earth. As such, our mission is to support and create opportunities for all membership friends and residents of Morris Canal/Lafayette to have access to the learning community garden.